Dr. Raji – Program Director

Dr. Raji Subramanyam, PsyD
Program Director @ Live Oak Adult Day Services- Los Gatos

Education: Doctoral In Clinical Psychology : PsyD (in the year 2010) from John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA
Training: Pre & Post Doctoral Internship at Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health & Training Center, CA.

I earned my doctoral degree in clinical psychology in the year 2010 from California, USA. I have worked in Residential Care Homes, treating individuals in Autism Spectrum to overcome their behavioral issues and in enhancing their overall daily functioning skills, that is, communication skills, independent living skills, and social and emotional skills. I specialize in program development, staff management and operational management.

Overall I have the passion to enhance individual’s daily living skills to live an effective and happy life. At Live Oak Adult Day Services as a Program Director, my goal is provide a safe and happy environment for geriatric and less-independent individuals by providing mind-stimulating activities, physical exercises, music activities and last but not the least: social and recreational activities.