Eligibility & Fees

Live Oak is open to persons 60 years, and older.

Eligible participants meet the following requirements:

  • Are unable to live independently
  • Need support and help in their daily activities
  • Are unable to participate in programs for independent seniors
  • Would benefit from the social experience and stimulation of this personal program

How does one pay for the program?

Fees for participation are determined by a sliding scale based upon each family’s income.

  • Range from family monthly income : $400 = $16; $2500+ = $62
  • Live Oak is a non-profit agency and no one is denied enrollment due to inability to pay fees

Before enrollment

  • We invite participants for a trial run (stay for part of the day)
  • We evaluate the client to see if they are able to interact well with peers
  • We assist non-ambulatory clients to ensure they are able to stand with a little help in restrooms

As part of enrollment, we evaluate and discuss a written service agreement package, including topics such as demographics, medical issues, functional assessment, food (ADCFP), respect, transportation, annual appraisal.

Positive long-term predictors of attending Live Oak Senior Program

  • Physical: exercise 2 times per week
  • Cognitive: games (puzzles, word games, Bingo, Jingo, Bunco, Card toss), Crafts, Art and Music
  • Behavioral: respect other and their space