“…this program has been the best activity or way for my mother to spend her day. It’s provided stimulation that has resulted in her good health of mind.”

“Socializing keeps her more grounded in reality. Also, she seems to eat & drink at day care. At home she sometimes doesn’t remember. Day care helps her to have a routine that she looks forward to.”

“… caring for him is much easier because he is happier when he goes to Live Oak.”

"The day care has freed my husband (her son) from having to check on her throughout the day. He would often have to arrange his day to be home for lunch, etc. It frees me up during summer & school vacations to spend time with our daughters."

“The staff is wonderful. They are always caring and patient. The activities keep [my mother-in-law] busy during the day and give her something to look forward to.”

“The day care program has “given me a life – time to socialize & get work around house done.”

"Attending Live Oak helped my dad to enjoy the last few years of his life to the fullest extent possible. I owe Charlie and her amazing staff an eternity of thanks."

"I am so pleased with this program. It provided a lot of stimulation & socialization for my husband. Gratitude for all you do with such caring."