Client Intake Procedure

  • We start the process with an initial telephone screening to determine if the potential client is within the medical/psychosocial/psychological profile for which the program is designed. (We are able to serve all but three basic conditions: wandering, hostility to oneself or others, and a high degree of physical care that would require constant one-on-one attention. )

    Our goal during the initial telephone contact is to assess whether the client would be likely to be beyond the program’s capacity for providing care and individualized attention.

  • We welcome family caregivers to come into our centers for a tour and to take a firsthand look at the program in action between the hours of 10am and 2pm.

  • The prospective client is then invited to attend one session of the program as a “trial” visit with no charge, and no commitment to enroll or not enroll.

  • If the client does well in the program and chooses to enroll, a schedule is set, normally for two or three days aweek. The family caregiver is assisted in completion of all necessary enrollment information, transportation is arranged, a contribution level determined based on ability to pay, and the client is now part of the program.

Eligibility basically includes any dependent senior or disabled adult resident of Santa Clara County.